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#6. Luka and the Fire of Life

I closed this book a few minutes ago and I still have a slightly foolish smile on my face. That’s the sort of book it is – delightful in its creation of an alternative Magic World in which the main character has adventures and good triumphs over evil. It is the story of a young boy trying to deal with the idea of his father’s mortality. But it is also a story that tries to marry the magic of the old world – fantastic stories of Greek gods, Egyptian gods, Aztec gods – with the magic of the new world – video games. The effect is actually quite pleasing – for children and adults alike. This is Rushdie at the height of his storytelling powers. Everywhere are snippets of wisdom, references to history and philosophy, and questions about the things that matter – loyalty, family, life and death – delivered with panache. It is exactly the sort of book that I would read to my children/ nieces/ nephews. I won’t lie; I will be reading this book again.

But for the sake of continuity, I would advise anyone planning to read this book to read Haroun and the Sea of Stories first (Luka and the Fire of Life is the follow-up).  I loved reading The Arabian Nights while I was growing up, and Haroun and the Sea of Stories brought that magic back for me.

Many, many stars.

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