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August 17, 2010 15 comments

Hello there!

I’m starting this blog primarily to do book reviews–whatever book happens to strike my fancy at a particular time. But. I am too impatient, I think, to do proper book reviews. For one thing, I cannot summarize a story. My friends have told me more often than I can count that when I have finished reading an exciting book and decide to tell them about it, I leave “no stone unturned.” Afterwards, they cannot pick up the book–because it is as if they have read it already page by page. I do not want to do that here, so my reviews will give only the barest outline of the story plot, so that you (whoever you are, reading my nonsense) can decide for yourself whether or not you want to pick up the book. My other, more selfish, reason for the style of my soon-to-follow book reviews is that I am interested more in how a book makes me feel or see things [changes my life!], and which style the author uses to pull off a particular story, than in other more global, or perhaps exact concerns.

This is a blog for book lovers.

Please feel free to suggest a book [I am always, always looking for a good read], and to write your own review of a book in the comments section if you have already read it. I will be rating my reads on a scale of one to five stars. Five being the absolute height of ‘reader-ly’ enjoyment.

Welcome to book lugambo! 🙂

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